Remote Support

Services Available Over a Remote Connection Include:

  • Training Sessions
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Software Installation
  • System Optimization
  • Driver installations
  • Printer Solutions (and other peripherals)
  • Troubleshooting

We look forward to helping you resolve any computer problems you may have.  Give us a call.

Windows Remote Assistance

If you have a problem and you need someone to help, at home or at the office, near or far, we can pop right onto your system in just a few easy steps.

If you are on a Windows system, we can help you. Windows uses a system called Remote Assistance. It allows a support person to receive a request from someone who is in need of help on their computer. Instead of waiting for help to arrive at the door, the support person can just accept the request and get to work on the problem, just as if they were right there in the room.

  • Windows based system with "Remote Assistance" turned on. Click here for directions on how to turn on Remote Assistance
  • A working High Speed Internet Connection.(Cable, FiOS, DSL, etc)
  • A Hotmail, or MSN, or Windows Live e-mail account.
  • Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Messenger instant messenger account that you can login to.

If you don't have these requirements met, then there's no way for us to connect with Remote Assistance, but we can more than likely walk you through any connectivity issues on your computer over the phone, and then we can use Remote Assistance.

Remote Phone Support

For those people who are out of our onsite service area, we can still help you will many of your computer issues using our remote support service. Over the phone, we can help you with most problems you may encounter. In some cases, however, a faster way to help you is to have us connect our computers in a "direct connection" using remote computer control. As is often heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. The most commonly used system for Windows is a bit clunky, but it works well enough to get most chores done, but it's sometimes difficult to get the connection made. There are other ways to connect to your machine as well, but it is costly for us, and so we end up having to pass that expense off on our clients. Since we are all about low cost, high end services, that doesn't suit us, or our clients. So, we will use Windows Remote Assistance for now, but we are working on a new system that will be a bit easier on our clients. When the new system is ready, this page will show the information on how to use it.

Easy New Remote Support System


The support system we are working to put in place for our users will allow us to get on your machine faster, and without the hassle of sending a request and having me accept it. You will simply click the "Help Me!" button, run the downloaded program that you get, and we will be there on your computer with you, seeing what you see, and being able to use your machine as well as if we were sitting in front of it.

The software allows for a safe connection, and deletes itself after we are done. It also doesn't install anything into your registry as many other remote support programs do, nor does it require a restart or any other hoops to jump through. Just a solid support connection.

Additional Services will be available after this new system is activated! At your request, we will be able to install a remote desktop control system that will allow me to keep your PC in top operating condition.

Additional Services will be available with a Remote Maintenance Plan.



Tips & Tricks

There are many free software applications that you can download from trustworthy sources!  From games and high end graphics applications to quality office suites, and client managment systems, you can get just about anything you need to get your work done or just to have some fun.  Contact us to guide you to great software that's available out there...


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